In the town, numerous agri-food companies produce exquisite products such as Valdefuentes cheeses and cream, cured meats, wines, sweets, chocolates, bread, olive oil, etc., which are showcased at the Agri-Food Fair held in the first half of March.

As for gastronomy, it is traditional, of a rural nature, simple in preparation but based on the extraordinary quality of its raw materials: products from the Iberian pig, delicious cheeses and creams, good wines, and more.

Many traditional dishes arise from the need to make the most of the resources offered by nature at each moment, such as soups made with bread crumbs, usually stale bread from previous days, or migas (breadcrumbs), which, accompanied by a good coffee, make a delicious and hearty breakfast. Regarding pork, we should highlight the sausages traditionally made during the winter months, the “prueba de cerdo” made with lean pork, oregano, and a marinade based on paprika, garlic, wine, and olive oil. The sheep livestock is highly concentrated in our town, hence the importance of the cheese-making tradition, whose quality has been recognized with the first prize at the National Cheese Fair in Trujillo in the years it has participated.

Sheep grazing
Typical Products of Valdefuentes

As for the Valdefuentes sweet tradition, it dates back to ancient times, transmitted orally from generation to generation. Who can resist fried roscas, pestiños, perrunillas, or fluffy magdalenas? And, of course, tradition cannot exist without innovation, such as the fig chocolates made in our town with a wide variety of flavors: Himalayan salt, matcha tea, peanuts, etc. Although the traditional ones are filled and coated with chocolate, they will undoubtedly delight your after-dinner.