Clock Square

Given the alarming reports of the backwardness and neglect in Extremadura, King Carlos IV wanted to have detailed information, through direct reports from his Government organs, about this situation. On May 30, 1790, he signed the Royal Pragmatic Sanction with the force of law, establishing the Royal Audiencia for the province of Extremadura, based in the town of Cáceres.

Aerial photo of the Clock Square

A visit to Valdefuentes was carried out by the Count of la Concepción, who served as the civil and criminal prosecutor of the Royal Audiencia. The visit began on March 30, 1791, and concluded on April 9 of the same year. It consisted of an “interrogation” with 57 questions that covered various aspects of the town, including physical, political, economic, health, educational, and more.
The exact age of the building cannot be determined, as during renovations, a stone was discovered indicating the year 163_ (the rest is illegible) as the foundation date. It originally belonged to the Town Council and had two narrow floors. It is now privately owned.