Los Tableros

Los Tableros of Valdefuentes, in Honor of the Virgin of the Rosary (first weekend of October)
It is a century-old celebration held on the first Saturday of October in honor of Ntra. Sra. Virgen del Rosario. The oldest preserved document dates back to 1879.

Photo during the Los Tableros festival

It is a uniquely colorful festival, and in summary, it is an offering to the Goddess Ceres, asking for abundance in the harvest and the well-being of food animals, as the process of fattening pigs in the pasture begins for the subsequent “slaughter.” During the celebration, four godmothers and four “tableras,” adorned with traditional attire, carry long boards on their heads, decorated with beautiful fabrics, embroideries, and lace, on which bread and sweets are placed, adorned with various vegetables, creating arches with paper and natural flowers, banners, and standards depicting the saints to whom the offering is made, accompanied by their corresponding dancers.

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The ritual begins on August 15 when the priest presents the godmothers and tableras of that year after the Eucharist. Each godmother has chosen her tablera and two dancers. The representation of Los Tableros continues on the first Saturday of October with the procession of the image of the Virgin of the Rosario, accompanied by the godmothers, tableras, and dancers, who dance to the “Chicurrichi” tune and play castanets to the rhythm of a drum and a flute, from the Church of the Virgin of Bienvenida to the Plaza de España, where Los Tableros are auctioned, and the popular “El Verdigaio” dance is performed.