Valdefuentes Bridges

Historically, water and its course through the region have been significant in Valdefuentes. This implies that bridges are crucial to the population and its cultural development.

The Rivero or Capellán Bridge, located in the Casillas Scenic Area.

The Rivero or Capellán Bridge

A Roman bridge composed of two arches over the Santa María River (or Casillas for the inhabitants of Valdefuentes). Near this bridge, there is an old mill, known as the Capellán Mill, where the channeling and the building’s structure are still preserved, including the millstones.

Capellán Bridge, upper front view.
Roman Bridge of Salor.

Roman Bridge of Salor

A Roman bridge located over the river of the same name to the west of Valdefuentes, specifically in Los Majales.
It consists of five arches with barely any mortar and an inscription on the outer face, showing worn Roman characters that are difficult to read. The upper part features a cornice as if it were essential, and the entire upper part is occupied by text. In contrast, the inside only has two lines engraved, as if it were the end of the text that didn’t fit in the main space.

Presenta un reborde en la parte superior, como si fuese importante y va toda ella ocupada por un texto; en cambio, la parte interior solo lleva grabadas dos líneas como si fuera el final del texto que no cupo en el espacio principal.