Gurumeña Neighborhood

This is the town’s oldest nucleus of population, where some remnants testify to the Muslim settlement.

Photo of Gurumeña Neighborhood

Gurumeña Neighborhood is the oldest part of Valdefuentes, a small cluster of houses with urban features common to Hispano-Muslim settlements, featuring narrow and winding layouts, dead-end alleys, concealed streets, and small squares. Little is known about this neighborhood apart from its affiliation with San Marcos de León as part of the Order of Santiago until it became a Royal Villa, sold by the Crown (Philip II) to Don Álvaro de Sande, the 1st Lord of Valdefuentes. The current village, which grew haphazardly around its monuments, features streets dotted with small squares and manorial houses with façades adorned with sgraffito, entrance halls, and vaulted cellars used for cheese curing, butchering, and the production of pit wine.