Patron Saint Festivals

The patron saint festivals of Valdefuentes are a display of tradition and emotion. The celebrations of the Virgin of Bienvenida and San Agustín fill the streets with colorful parades, religious celebrations, and cultural activities. It’s a blend of devotion and joy that unites the community in honor of their patrons.

Aerial photo of the square during the festivals

Festivals in Honor of Ntra. Sra. Virgen de Bienvenida

The most important festivals in the town are celebrated between August 13 and 16 in honor of the Virgin of Bienvenida, the patron saint of Valdefuentes. During this time of year, the town is filled with people returning to the locality to visit the Virgin on her feast day. On this day, the Virgin is paraded through the town, accompanied by the entire community. The procession takes place amidst enthusiastic songs and applause for the Virgin. After the procession, there is a mass, and in the afternoon, it has become a tradition to hold a special offering in which various gifts offered by the townspeople are auctioned. During these days, popular events like dances, sports activities, and more are also held.

Photo of the Festivals in Honor of Ntra. Sra. Virgen de Bienvenida
Virgin of Bienvenida

Festivals in Honor of San Agustín

Another important festival, also celebrated in the month of August, is the fair in honor of San Agustín, the patron saint of Valdefuentes. These festivals are significant throughout the region because they include the bicentennial cattle fair, attracting a large number of cattle farmers from the area. The Cattle Fair is considered an essential fair in the region. It attracts a large number of traders and cattle farmers looking for good deals to buy or sell livestock. In addition to the Cattle Fair, the square is transformed into an amusement park with numerous attractions that delight both adults and children. Religious events also play a part in the fair with a mass and a procession in honor of San Agustín.