Routes in Valdefuentes

Discover the magic hidden in every corner of Valdefuentes through its captivating routes. Welcome to a paradise of unparalleled nature, where history and scenic beauty harmoniously intertwine. In these lands bathed in the golden sunlight, the routes in Valdefuentes become a unique experience for the adventurous soul.

Route of the Hermitages

Embark on a unique 10 km journey through the enchanting Route of the Hermitages in Valdefuentes, an experience that immerses you in the spiritual essence and natural heritage of this captivating region. You will pass by 2 hermitages, follow different rural paths, and have the opportunity to see Encina La Solana, a thousand-year-old tree of the region.

Hermitage of La Magdalena, the end of the outbound journey.

Casillas Area Route

On this route, we will discover the most beautiful natural areas of the town of Valdefuentes in Cáceres. We will reach the natural area of Casillas, a lively environment with its flour mills, passing through the old Capellán Bridge and various rural paths.

Aerial View of the Casillas Area.