Our website uses cookies.

Our website uses cookies – both our own and those from third parties – to enhance the functionality of the sections and elements on the site. Here you will find information about cookies and how to manage them, especially if you wish to delete or block them.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files stored on the devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) from which you are browsing. They are technical elements used to store data and transmit information to the entity responsible for their installation.

With cookies, we can collect information related to aspects of your browsing (visits, browser type, location, origin, visited links, time of arrival on the website, etc.). They also allow us to individualize your visit by identifying the session.

Types of Cookies

Cookies can be either proprietary (sent to the user’s device from the domain of the service provider) or third-party (sent to the user’s device by a third party other than the service provider). Based on their duration, they can be session cookies (used to collect and store data while the user accesses a website, and they are deleted from the browser when the session ends or the browser is closed) or persistent cookies (data remains on the device for a defined period set by the responsible party, even for several years).

Cookies can serve various purposes, including technical cookies (allowing users to navigate a website, platform, or application and use the different options or services available), cookies for personalizing the visit (enabling users to access the service with some pre-defined general characteristics based on certain criteria on the user’s device), analytical cookies (allowing those responsible for them to track and analyze user behavior on the websites to which they are linked, using this information to measure website activity and create user navigation profiles), or advertising cookies (enabling the management of advertising space that the editor may include on a website). They can also be behavioral analysis cookies (storing information about user behavior obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits, allowing for the creation of specific profiles and directing advertising actions accordingly).

What Cookies Do We Use? (TABLE)

Name Type Purpose Summary of Cookies

JSESSIONID Technical Own Used to identify and authenticate the user. Also contains technical session data of the user, such as connection wait time, session identifier, etc.

COOKIE_SUPPORT Technical Own Displays if your browser supports cookies.

GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID Customization Own Used to manage the user’s language.

LFR_SESSION_STATE Technical Own Used to identify and authenticate the user.

_ga Analytics Third-party (Google) Google persistent cookie for 2 years. Used to distinguish users.

_gid Analytics Third-party (Google) Google persistent cookie for 24 hours. Used to distinguish users.

These are the cookies that are essential for our website to perform its functions. This includes services that allow users to register, authenticate, and perform functions on the website.

Any changes or updates will be communicated to all web users through notices on our website.

Do you accept our cookies?

When you access the website, you will see an initial banner informing you of the use of cookies. This banner will appear whenever necessary.

Please remember that you need to authorize the installation of our cookies. If you do not agree, you should leave the website or choose to include different browser add-ons to disable the functionality. We provide information on how to do this.

How to Manage Cookies

Any website user can uninstall or refuse to authorize the installation of cookies. Most browsers offer ways to control cookie behavior. You can use your browser’s configuration settings to do so; simply look in the settings. You can also use private or incognito browsing modes.

You can also use specific tools designed to prevent cookie operation and block their functions, such as Ghostery, Disconnect, or Do Not Track Me.

For more details on advertising cookies and how to manage them, visit (in the EU) or (in the USA).

One last thing, do you know about tracking technologies?

Both web pages and HTML emails can include other tracking technologies, like “web beacons.”

Web beacons are small “transparent” images that can provide statistical information and have purposes similar to cookies. They are often used in conjunction with cookies but are not stored directly.

If you disable cookies, web beacons may still be active but with limited functionality.

Need more information?

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