Visitor's Guide

On this page, you’ll find answers to the main questions you might have before arriving in Valdefuentes or when you are in the municipality.

We show you the main accommodations in Valdefuentes, such as the Rural House “El Olivar de Valdefuentes” and the “Las Glorias” Hotel-Restaurant. You’ll also have access to the municipal map and the available access points to Valdefuentes.

How to Get to Valdefuentes?

The proximity to major cities such as Cáceres, Mérida, and Trujillo makes the region highly accessible.

It’s worth noting the high number of rural roads and highways connecting various towns, which are in the process of improvement. The Ruta de la Plata highway offers the possibility to connect the region to other points in the regional and national geography efficiently.

Where to Stay in Valdefuentes?

Rural House "El Olivar de Valdefuentes"


+34 661 90 10 97
+34 646 79 59 41


C/Regajo Nº 13, Valdefuentes – 10180 CACERES


Hotel Restaurant "Las Glorias"


+34 927 38 84 01
+34 627 076 391


Hotel en carretera Cáceres – Miajadas, km 34,770. Cruce de Torre de Santa María (Cáceres).


Valdefuentes in 1 Day

Valdefuentes, a small town located in the heart of Extremadura, invites you to discover its heritage during a one-day visit to the locality.

Stroll through its streets, admiring the sgraffito-decorated facades that make up an open-air museum. Visit the origins of the town, the Church of Bienvenida, the square with the Marqués de Valdefuentes Palace, and the former Convent of San Agustín, which houses a magnificent cloister with a central cistern.

Additionally, enjoy its nearest natural surroundings with hiking routes to Casillas Scenic Area, the Old Hermitage of La Magdalena, or explore its Roman past by taking the bridge route.

The starting point is the C.I. Ethnographic Museum of Valdefuentes.