Holy Week in Valdefuentes

This celebration is observed throughout Spain, but it has specific customs in Valdefuentes due to its uniqueness and significance. We will explain the most important days and the events that take place.

Photo of a procession or special moment.

La Verónica and the Song of the Angel

This is celebrated on Holy Wednesday. It is a song that has been preserved from time immemorial (possibly since the Middle Ages). It involves a lady from the town singing to Jesus Nazareno after a procession, in an atmosphere of silence and reflection. Following this representation, the Song of the Angel takes place in the church, immortalizing when the Angel recalls Jesus in the Agony of Gethsemane.

Procession of Christ of Consuleo

A solemn procession in which over 100 confreres participate.

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Representation of the Living Passion

A representation of the Passion of Christ in which the entire town, through the Cultural Association Pasión Viviente of Valdefuentes, comes together to bring this representation to life.

Magdalena Pilgrimage

This takes place on the Monday following Easter Sunday and is held at the Magdalena Hermitage.